Kipsuvian Spotlight: Kirsten Ruge

Posted by TJ Lind on Feb 5, 2020 3:04:07 PM

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The team behind Kipsu is what makes our solution and company special. I spoke with Kirsten Ruge, software engineer, about her time at Kipsu. Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys writing music and playing drums in local bands, competitive weightlifting, and cooking. She also loves every dog on the planet.  

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Hey Kirsten! Thanks for doing this! To kick things off, can you send a selfie and tell me what you're working on this afternoon? Hope that works! Let's see... today I am adding some additional features into a microservice I'm building to handle our interactions with a specific messaging provider of ours. I'm also keeping an eye out for the production release we will roll out tomorrow morning in case any engineering help is needed with testing. Sounds exciting! So back up a second... I should probably first ask: What do you do here? Like, what are your focus areas, what projects are you most passionate about, and what teams do you typically work with?

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