Honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and The Journey Ahead


The United States has designated today, January 21st, as a day to remember, honor, and reflect on the courageous and historic strides made by Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and the American Civil Rights movement. Although the changes in American law, workplaces, and society since Dr. King’s time have bent towards equality, there still exists great achievements to be made.

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Onwards & Upwards: Kipsuvians cross three year threshold


On a snowy 2016 morning in Northeast Minneapolis, Eva Dixon and Drew Anunti both started their first days at a tech startup of 11 employees. Three years later, that company is now in downtown Minneapolis and has grown to more than 60 employees. Eva is now the Director of Marketing and Drew is the Vice President of Hospitality Customer Partnerships. We interviewed them on their three year Kipsu anniversary to learn more about their journeys:

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Extending Goals Beyond the Workplace


With the sound of ornaments being packed away, trees tugged through the door, and the final baked goods munched, the Holiday Season comes to a close. For many, this sparks a new season of reflection and goal setting as the phrase “New year, new me” is tossed around. Kipsu focuses deeply on goals during work hours and is filled with many motivated, intentional individuals. This ignited my curiosity on what resolutions Kipsuvians set outside of work for 2019, and what “new self” people here are striving towards.

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